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Manhattan on Hulu

WGN’s Manhattan hits Hulu

WGN America's second original series, Manhattan, is now streaming on Hulu Plus. The show, which premiered on WGN last night, is set in Los Alamos, New Mexico and centers around creation of the atomic

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Around the bend

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Further downstream

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Best guess

Orphan Black season 2 release date Amazon Prime

Best guess: Orphan Black season 2

Can't get enough of the clone club? Well, you may have to wait awhile longer for season two of the hottest sci-fi show on TV. On second thought, let's

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The babbling brook



Welcome to, your guide to streaming TV release dates. I’m always wondering what’s coming next and when my favorite series are going

Roku and Chromecast

Gear report: My streaming setup

One of the nice things about streaming is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s my dirt-cheap setup:

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